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Have you checked your gutters lately? This time of year, live oak trees drop their leaves in large amounts, and it's important that your gutters are clear of leaves or other debris to allow for adequate water flow during times of rain. When gutters get clogged water backs up or stands in the gutters, which can rot the fascia board behind it. Even worse, the weight of the standing water and leaves could cause the gutter to detach from the house resulting in damage to the gutter, the house, or even injury to people or pets. Consider installing leaf guards to reduce the buildup of debris in your gutters. If you need help, give us a call!

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Tripp Construction Co., Inc. is a State of Florida Licensed Building Contractor and Licensed Plumbing Contractor offering complete planning, design and construction services for your home. We have crafted some of the finest homes and renovations in the Putnam, Clay, Duval and St. Johns county areas and have now relocated into the Central Florida area. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of design and construction, we understand what it takes to plan and complete a successful project for our clients.

At Tripp Construction Co., Inc. we take the experience of building a custom home to a whole new level, for you! Our goal is for you to be involved in the excitement of building your home while developing a working relationship with your builder, built on trust and integrity. This is achieved through personal dedication to each project, years of experience in the industry and a seamless line of communication from start to finish.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen work with the belief and understanding that they are constructing more than a building  --  they're building your dream.
Our Services include:

Home Planning          Home Design             Home Construction         
Additions                  Remodeling               Renovations/Repairs


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